10 Reasons to Buy Mobile Numbers for Your New Startup

5th Jan 2022

10 Reasons to Buy Mobile Numbers for Your New Startup

10 Reasons to Buy Mobile Numbers for Your New Startup

Does a business need a mobile number? The answer is yes. It helps you reach your audience in the fastest and easiest way possible.

It allows customers to communicate with you on the go. With the explosive growth of smartphone users, having a mobile presence is not optional. In 2019, more than 55.5 million people had smartphones.

Phones being the primary mode of communication in the UK, you need to buy mobile numbers. Business numbers allow you to target their audience in ways you couldn’t before. You can use SMS messaging to create automated campaigns that deliver exclusive offers to customers.

Keep reading to learn more reasons for having a business mobile plan.

1. Effective Communication

Reaching out to your customer base is a challenge for any business. But it doesn’t have to be.

Buying business numbers can improve business communications. You get a direct line to your clients. This gives you the freedom to work in remote locations, helping your business grow.

Virtual availability makes you accessible to clients. Open communication through the phone creates customer trust and confidence.

2. Buying Mobile Numbers Builds Credibility

A business with a phone number that’s easy to find builds credibility and trust with its customers. A business's responsiveness on mobile positively impacts customers' opinions.

Your business needs a mobile presence. This extends beyond just having a responsive website.

A business mobile number allows your customers to reach you at any time of day or night. This makes you appear more accessible and trustworthy. In the long run, it will help build brand credibility.

3. Scalability

The scalability of a business mobile number is high. Your business can reach out to millions of people through SMS. You can also reach your clients through WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, etc.

There are no limitations to how you can use business numbers.

If you run a retail store, you can send reminders to your customers. You can also send out offers or discounts. If you operate a taxi company, you can use your business number to send location information.

4. You Can Customise the Number to Make it Memorable

Many businesses are now using a custom mobile number as their contact number. This is done to make it more memorable and differentiate itself from other businesses.

To have a memorable mobile number, you can use toll-free numbers. Give it your unique touch to make it more memorable. How do you do that?

Create an 'area code' that will be easy for your audience to remember. Secondly, customise your area code so that it has a personal touch. Finally, remember to register that customised area.

5. It Makes it Easy to Analyse Business Calls

You can use a phone system that records calls and texts them automatically. This allows you to respond or send out marketing messages conveniently. Most importantly, you can analyse business calls.

The analysis will help you identify sources of traffic that bring the most business. It is also a good way to discover what your customers are calling about. Such information gives you a competitive advantage as it improves customers' knowledge.

You can only serve your clients best when you know what they want.

6. You Encourage Clients to Call

Clients reach out to the business for numerous reasons. They can call to make enquiries, place orders, or file complaints. Being accessible on the phone makes it convenient for them.

Direct communication improves customer service and increases sales. Companies with great customer service encourage clients to call anytime. This substitutes the need to post negative reviews.

If your phone number is listed in the local yellow pages, expect more customer calls.

7. Create Business Legitimacy

Your business mobile number is your first point of contact with clients. They are the first impression you make on a potential customer. Their trust in your brand starts with that number.

There are many ways for companies to build trust with customers. Having a physical address and phone number on your website is essential for this. Having an address and phone number makes clients comfortable giving their contact information.

8. Protect Personal Privacy

With a business mobile number, you can give out the number to anyone you want. There won't be any issues or complications. You will not have to change the number often to avoid spam calls.

You also don’t have to give your phone to employees to retrieve customers' information. As your business grows, you need to separate personal life from business.

9. Customise Professional Voicemails

Imagine a world where you could record your greeting. You could change the message based on who was calling?

With recent technologies, you can customise your voicemails to your specific needs. Customising such messages for personal numbers is conflicting. However, this option is ideal when you buy mobile numbers exclusively for business.

Today you can create professional voicemails with visual elements. This creates a professional appeal and increases positive customer engagement.

10. Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are the reason for your business's existence. Your priority is to offer maximum utility as an incentive to win more clients.

A study by Harvard Business School found that businesses with a local phone number were more likely to be recommended to potential customers. They also had higher levels of customer satisfaction.

This is particularly important for small businesses. Responding to customer enquiries and taking reservations quickly can make or break your business.

You also access additional features like call forwarding and custom call routing with business numbers. All of these features are useful for growing and managing your business.

Buy Mobile Numbers for Your Business Today

You should be woke to booming UK business if you are starting up your enterprise. You will face stiff competition, which makes it challenging to win customers.

You can earn a competitive edge if you buy mobile numbers for business. It will give you direct access to clients and boost your marketing strategy.

Direct interaction with clients creates professionalism and builds personality in your business. If you don’t have a business number, you might wonder how to get one.

At British Numbers, we customise numbers for your business and personal use. Visit our website to learn more.