Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about British Numbers or the products and services we offer. Answers to the most common questions our customers have when buying a new mobile number. We continuously update this page to ensure it is useful but feel free to get in touch if your questions are not addressed here.

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buy a uk phone number from British Numbers, the largest selection of memorable UK mobile numbers

About us

Who is British Numbers?

British Numbers is a London-based provider of special and bespoke UK mobile numbers. Offering the largest selection of mobile numbers with over 10,000 numbers on our website, hundreds of new numbers added every month and access to 1m+ more. We are sure to have something for everyone and every budget with prices ranging from £150 to £24,000. We serve a variety of business, professional and individual customers from all over the UK and the world. Shop with confidence on our secure website. All mobile numbers are brand new and sourced directly from network providers. British Numbers does not hold stock which enables us to pass significant cost savings to customers. This is also more secure as customers are the first registered owners of any mobile number purchased from us. Pay once with no hidden costs or fees and own the number for life. Winning!

How can I contact you?


0791 9191 791

0791 9191 791


British Numbers, Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

British Numbers is a trading business of Bona Fides Solutions Ltd company reg: 11958241 VAT number: 429 8509 58

Mobile Numbers FAQs

What is a special mobile number?

Also known as Memorable, VIP or Gold numbers, these are desirable mobile numbers because they are memorable, rare or otherwise unique. Our numbers work just like any other UK mobile number and are suitable for personal, professional and business use.

How does it work?

Browse through our list of special mobile numbers. Select the one you like and follow checkout instructions to complete payment. We accept all major payment methods including Buy Now Pay Later (through PayPal). Once payment is complete, it usually takes us 7-10 working days to complete delivery. Our VIP Numbers range can be delivered within 24hours. Once purchase, the number is yours for life and can be transferred to any UK network provider or contract SIM – instructions are included in your order.

Will I own the number?

Once purchased, the number is yours to own for life – just ensure you keep it active, we recommend by placing it on a contract with any of the major UK networks. A welcome and instruction pack is included with all purchases which provide you with detailed instructions on how to register ownership, access the online account or transfer networks.

Can I keep my contract?

All of our mobile numbers are portable, meaning they can be transferred to any UK network provider of your choice using the PAC code. Step-by-step instructions on how to do this will be shared post-purchase – it is free and usually takes 24hours. Your contract will continue as normal and your old number will be replaced with your new special number. Our numbers work with all UK network providers.

Does you ship to my country?

We offer worldwide tracked delivery free of charge. You will receive the PAC by email and the SIM by post. International deliveries take an additional 3-5 business days to complete. Some restrictions may apply to certain destinations - e.g. lack of coverage by major shipping providers. This does not prevent delivery of PAC code by email, which can be used to transfer the number to a SIM already in your possession. PAC delivery is also free of charge.

How long does it take?

Our special mobile numbers include delivery in the UK free of charge within 7-10 business. Our VIP Numbers range can be delivered within 24 hours. International SIM deliveries will take an additional 3-5 working days to complete.

Can I use the number abroad?

Yes. You will be able to use your number abroad as long as you have roaming enabled. SIM cards provided will also work on handsets sold internationally.

Virtual Numbers FAQs

Finding a virtual number

How can I find out what virtual numbers are available?
When you click on the button that says ‘Choose a Virtual Number’, you’ll be taken to the registration page, the very first step on this page is choosing a number, just follow the steps afterwards to continue with the sign-up.

What types of numbers do you offer?
Currently we offer geographical (02 & 01) and national (033 & 0800) numbers. You'll be able to choose from a drop-down menu, showing you 20 different numbers and it's up to you to pick the one that you like most. If you are looking for a memorable number with special digit combinations, you'll have to contact us via email and we'll sort it out for you.

How can I choose a memorable number?
You will have to contact us via email and we’ll be able to help you find a memorable virtual number. This, however, might incur additional charges, depending on the number you choose. Golden numbers come with a one off cost which start at £50.

Ordering your virtual number

What does pro-rata/part month mean?
All tariffs run from the first of the month. When you sign up, we only take a part payment so that you only pay for the days you have used.

Do the tariffs include outbound calls?
No, higher tariffs apply for this service and you will need a mobile app from a third party.

What do you mean by diversion minutes?
When a customer calls your virtual number, you will be using diversion minutes, this is us sending calls to your mobile/landline.

What does the charge after inclusive minutes mean?
Once you have used up your inclusive minutes, you will be charged the pence per minute rate for your tariff.

Does the direct debit get set up when I make the order?
When you place your order, you can setup a direct debit or call us on 033 003 00003 and we can set it up for you.

Can I buy a virtual number for personal use?
Unfortunately not. Our services are for business use only.

Using your virtual number

Can I change where my calls divert to?
Yes, just visit our Control Panel to change your destination number FREE of charge.

Can my mobile number still make and receive mobile calls as normal?
Yes, nothing changes to your mobile number and you continue using it as normal.

Can I call customer back and show my virtual number?
Yes, this service is available at higher tariffs and via a mobile app provided by a third party.

Can calls be diverted to multiple numbers?
Yes, your call can be diverted to multiple numbers.

Do I need WIFI or mobile data to take calls?
No, for inbound calls you only need mobile signal.

Is there a cost to change the number calls are diverted to?
No, we provide a control panel to control your numbers.

Can multiple virtual numbers be diverted to the same mobile number?
Yes, you can divert as many virutal numbers to your mobile as you like.

How do I know if a call coming in is for my business or from someone I know?
Our call whisper addon means you will hear a greeting before you answer the call.

How to attach a recording/voicemail/hunt group to the phone number?
This can be changed via our control panel.

If I am on holiday, can I still receive calls abroad?
Yes, provided your mobile can still receive calls abroad, you will continue to get calls.

Managing your account

Can the number be ported to a fixed line or voip provider?
Yes, numbers can be ported to other providers.

Can I port my existing number?
Yes, you can port your current number to us. Switching providers this way means you can keep your existing number. You will be able to take your number with you if you decide to leave us.

Can tariffs be upgraded/downgraded at a later date?
Yes, call us on 033 003 00003 or email us and we'll change your plan from the 1st of the followng month.

How can I change my contact information?
Call us on 033 003 00003 or email us info@britishnumbers.com

How do I cancel?
Call us on 033 003 00003 or email us info@britishnumbers.com

How do I change my address?
Call us on 033 003 00003 or email us info@britishnumbers.com

How do I change my email address?
Call us on 033 003 00003 or email us info@britishnumbers.com

How to transfer the account to a new owner if selling the business?
Call us on 033 003 00003 or email us info@britishnumbers.com

Custom Numbers FAQs

What is a custom mobile number?

British Numbers makes it a breeze to create the mobile number you are looking for. We have access to millions of mobile numbers made available to you on an as-need basis. This is a bespoke service where you can select the last six or seven numbers of the mobile number you desire. We are unable to recover old or expired mobile numbers.

How does it work?

Head over to our Custom Number page and fill in the form with the details of your request. Select the last 6 or 7 numbers you would like to feature at the end of your custom mobile number. This is free of charge and no deposit is required. We will source all available options in a few days and share them with you via email together with prices. Select the number you like and a product link will be emailed over for you to complete purchase through our website. Once payment is received, it will take between 5-10 business days to activate the number, register it to your name and get it delivered. The number is then yours for life and can be transferred to any network or contract SIM.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £150 for last 6 numbers and £175 for last 7 numbers. Gold number combinations will cost more. We offer worldwide delivery free of charge. You will receive both the PAC code by email and the SIM card by post. You will only ever be charged once for the custom number so there are no additional costs or hidden fees. Once purchase is complete, you will receive an automated order confirmation email as proof of purchase.

How long does it take?

When you request a mobile number, it usually takes 3 working days to source options. Once payment has been made for the number of your choice, it takes up to 10 business days to deliver the SIM card by post or PAC code by email. International deliveries require an additional 3-5 business days to complete delivery. Requested numbers need to be created, activated with the network for the first time, registered to your name and delivered to you. We will keep you updated throughout the process.

Can I keep my contract?

All of our numbers are portable, meaning they can be transferred to any UK network provider of your choice using the PAC code. Step-by-step instructions on how to do this will be shared post-purchase – it is free and usually takes 24hours. Your contract will continue as normal and your old number will be replaced with your newly created number. Our numbers work with all UK network providers.

Free giffgaff SIM FAQs

Joining gifgaff is easy

Step 1: Get your SIM the next day when you order before 5pm, Mon-Fri.

Step 2: Activate your SIM at giffgaff.com

Step 3: giffgaff SIMs come in 3 sizes and fit any phone. Winning.

Can I bring my number?

Switching networks is easier than ever. Just text PAC to 65075 and have your PAC code ready to use after you’ve activated your giffgaff SIM.

What is a goodybag?

Simply, a goodybag is your monthly allowance of data, minutes and texts. Each month you choose which one is best for you, or you can have the same one recurring every month.

Extra GB on giffgaff

It’s never fun running out of data, especially when you really need some, which is why giffgaff gives members a little extra. Once you’ve bought your third goodybag, giffgaff will boost your data by 1 GB whenever you purchase a £10, £12, £15 or £20 goodybag.

Is roaming included?

giffgaff plans can be used in the EU and selected destinations just like you use them at home and at no extra cost. Enjoy our low rates when calling outside the EU and selected destinations. Happy travels.

What if I need help?

You'll always have a giffgaff member to support you through any issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After all, giffgaff is the mobile network run by you.

Can I get extra rewards?

Earn Payback points by helping someone figure things out on the community or by bringing new members on-board, and many other things. It's giffgaff's way of saying thank you for being an awesome member.

Why we choose giffgaff

British Numbers recommends giffgaff as our preferred network of choice. One of the younger virtual networks running on O2, giffgaff is a digital disrubtor in an old-fashioned. Security is second to none with giffgaff. You have complete control through the online account. They conveniently remind you of important actions. These are only some of the many amazing features that make giffgaff our favourite.