Take control with custom numbers made for you

Create a mobile number that's right for you. Select the combination of 6 or 7 digits you would like to feature at the end of your custom mobile number.

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Choose your own UK mobile number, select a number of your choice

Reg Plates

Do you own a private registration plate for your car? Create a matching phone number.

Novel Gift

Thinking of a gift idea? Think outside the box and create a meaningful mobile number.


Highly personalised and customisable to incorporate almost all number sequences.


Create contact numbers that are memorable or communicate your brand.


Choose a phone number that alphanumerically spells out a word or key phrase.

Pro Business

Custom phone numbers are also suitable for business use e.g. sales and service teams.

Submit your request

British Numbers makes creating your own phone number a breeze. Simply submit the details of your request by selecting the last six or seven digits to feature at the end of your preferred mobile number.

All available mobile numbers matching your request will be shared by email within a week or so. It is free of charge to submit a request.

⚠ We can't retrieve old or expired numbers.

⚠ Do not attempt to use or share a custom number until delivery and transfer of ownership are completed.

Create Your Own Custom Mobile Number

No Obligations

It is free to submit a request - no fees or desposits. Simply obligation-free.


With access to millions of numbers, we have something for everyone.

Best prices

Savings made from not holding stock are passed on to you, the customer.

Matching Landline

Create a mobile number that matches your business landline number.

Custom Mobile Numbers

Take control and create a mobile number that is meaningful to you or communicates your brand.

Customer First

Customer satisfaction is our priority. You can count on us for quality support.


WhatsApp (including for business) are compatible with our custom numbers.


Just like any phone number, ours work with all UK network providers.


Custom numbers are non-refundable. We cannot recover expired numbers.


Create your own mobile number wit the UK's Phone Number Generator at British Numbers

Want to amaze your friend with an unusual gift or make your contact info easy to memorise? Create your own phone number that will stand for a specific word or involve a catchy six-digit or seven-digit combination. It’ll take you no time to brainstorm and come up with a few decent options for your friend’s or your number.

Whatever numeric sequences resonate with you, British Numbers is here to make them into your phone number. With millions of bespoke numbers, we have something special for everyone. Decide on what you’re searching for, and we’ll do the rest.

Gone are the days when personalised mobile numbers were only a privilege for corporations. You can get one too! Don’t settle for random, boring digits and turn to British Numbers for a bespoke phone number that is meaningful to your or your brand


With millions of ads and news stories inundating our lives, you should find something that can give you a leg up. It may be a new sales or business management technique, a riveting social media campaign or an unusual phone number. For the latter, you can get a standout boost with British Numbers by opting for a custom phone number.

Your customers are more likely to remember your phone number if it’s simple and creates proper associations, reinforcing your product or slogan. A bespoke phone number is also perfect for communicating additional brand-related information and making it easy for your customers to share it with others.

By getting British Numbers to make a phone number for your organisation, you can also reap the benefits of:

  • Boosting your brand awareness and credibility
  • Increasing advertising response rates
  • Setting your enterprise apart from the competition
  • Improving customer service by making your team easier to contact
  • Using the same call to action throughout multiple ad campaigns

Custom numbers are made to catch your customers’ attention and stick in their memory. Take your time to select the right combination of digits to achieve the desired result.


Are you nurturing some mobile number in your head but not sure whether it’s available? British Numbers can check it for you for free. It’ll take up to three days to sift through our database and share available options via email. They’ll come with prices so that you can buy the mobile number of your choice.

Once you find your perfect fit, you’ll get a product link to follow to pay for your phone number. It will then be activated and delivered within ten days.

Swap out your boring phone number for a bespoke number that resonates with you!

The Freedom to Choose The Power of Picking Your Own Mobile Number at British Numbers