15th Sep 2022

What are memorable contact numbers useful for?


What is a memorable contact number? A memorable contact number is a phone number that is easy to remember, and has some kind of connection with your business. You might have a lot of customers, or you might just want to make sure that one person in particular can reach you whenever they need to. Whatever the case may be, it's always important to ensure that your business has an easy-to-remember phone number so people can get in touch with whoever they need at all times.

Advertise your business.

When you are remembered, you are top of mind. When you are top of mind, it's easier to get work done. So make sure that your contact numbers are memorable and easy to find.

Here's a quick checklist:

  • Is there a unique or amusing aspect to the number? If so, make sure that element is obvious in its display format (e.g., on business cards).
  • Is it easy for people to remember?
  • Can people easily recall this number when they need it?

Keep your business in the mind of potential customers.

People often forget to put their business card or phone number in their wallet for easy access. This can be a problem if someone has a question about your product or service, but is unable to reach you quickly. To make sure that doesn't happen and that you're always on people's minds when they need your products and services, use memorable contact numbers.

stand out from competitors.

Memorable phone numbers are easy to remember, which means that they're also easy to share. And when people share your number with others, you get more business. The best way to ensure that your memorable phone number gets shared is by making sure it has a call to action. If someone reads your memorable number and doesn't know what they should do after they've dialed it, then they won't be likely to do anything at all. The only thing worse than having no call-to-action is having one that's confusing or off-putting; this should be avoided at all costs!

Make sure you don't get lost in the sea of other businesses with similar offerings.

When it comes to marketing, you want to make sure that your business stands out from the rest. The best way to do this is by having a memorable phone number. This will ensure that people can remember what your contact information is, and it will allow you to reach more customers than ever before.

In addition to increasing visibility, memorable contact numbers are also useful for other reasons:

  • Strengthen your brand identity by reinforcing rhythmic patterns with your business
  • Improved marketing effectiveness with more leads generated 
  • More word of mouth referrals
  • Interesting conversation starter
  • Series of numbers suitable for groups -  e.g. your staff, friends or family

A truly memorable contact number will go a long way in making sure that people can reach your business whenever they need to and helps you stand out from your competitors.

Memories are a powerful thing. If you’re able to make your business number memorable, this will go a long way in making sure that people can reach your business whenever they need to and helps you stand out from your competitors. It’s important to make sure that customers remember your number so that they can find their way back when they need more products or services from you in the future.


A good contact number is one that people can easily remember, help people associate patterns of numbers with your business or personal brand, and it will go a long way in making sure that people can reach you whenever they need to. Let's also not kid ourselves here - they are just super cool.