20th May 2022

Why you should buy a UK Phone Number that Means Business

Why you should buy a UK Phone Number that Means Business

Get a UK Phone Number

  • UK Phone Numbers are available in many areas. If you're looking for a UK phone number that means business, you're in luck! At British Numbers, we offer businesses access to the most memorable phone numbers in the UK.
  • They're easy to set up. In fact, once we deliver the SIM, it only takes minutes to get your new UK phone number up and running with our simple process!
  • They're available worldwide! Not only do we offer great deals on UK numbers but we also deliver them on giffgaff SIMs which are roaming-enabled without having to pay sky-high prices - so you're ready to go wherever you are.
  • No hidden fees.

Your Business Phone Number

There are a number of different types of business numbers available, but you will usually find that the most expensive is a UK phone number that means business.

These are usually more expensive than your average personal, virtual or mobile number.

Also, for many businesses it may not be possible to have your own unique phone number as some companies may already own them all.

Easy to Use

UK phone numbers are easy to use. No matter if you're calling from a landline or a mobile phone, they can be dialled the same way. They also have just one prefix which is 07 and are hand-selected by British Numbers to include the most memorable and special phone numbers in the UK.

UK phone numbers from British Numbers are easy to share when you need to provide your business information over the phone without having to pick up your device every time someone calls. With one UK number in their contacts, customers will be able to easily connect with you whenever necessary—and since it's an actual physical number with real people on the other end of it working hard on your behalf, responding quickly and effectively is essential!

Finally—and perhaps most importantly—UK numbers are super easy when it comes time for transferring ownership by simply informing your new network provider who has taken over control of your line so they can update their records accordingly

Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of having a UK phone number is that it will save you money.

By getting a local UK number, your business can make all kinds of savings in marketing and advertising campaigns. You'll be able to better track returns on your advertising spend because people are more likely to answer calls from numbers they know.

The best way to get started is by buying your own local British phone numbers from us here at British Numbers, who offer some of the best rates on the market and can help guide you in how best to use them for maximum effect.

Improve Customer Service

  • You can be reached by phone
  • You can call back when the customer calls you
  • You can text them
  • You can email them
  • When you buy a UK Phone Number that Means Business, it gives your customers the ability to contact you over the phone with confidence - leaving a professional impression.

Keep your Personal Number Private

  • Keep your personal number private.
  • Keep your business number separate from your personal number.
  • Keep your business number separate from friends and family.
  • Keep your business number separate from customers, suppliers, or competitors.

When you need to buy a UK phone number that means business, consider getting it from British Numbers

If you're looking for a phone number that means business, then British Numbers is the company you should be calling. We'll help you find the best UK phone number for your business needs.

With British Numbers' services, there are no complicated contracts or hidden fees. You can use your phone numbers in any way that makes sense for your business: as a main headquarters number, as an department / team contact number or even as an answering service. And if the list of UK phone numbers we have listed for sale plans doesn't meet your needs, you can simply customise your phone number.