UK Mobile Numbers 101, All You Need To Know

2nd Jan 2022

UK Mobile Numbers 101, All You Need To Know

UK Mobile Numbers 101, The Basics

How do you find out your mobile number?

There are a number of ways to find find out the mobile number associated the the SIM in a mobile phone device.

Android devices: On Android the most common path to finding your number is: Settings > About phone/device > Status/phone identity > Network.

iOS devices: This slightly differs on Apple devices, where you can follow the path of Settings > Phone > My Number

All devices: Simply dial another number you have access to - e.g. a friend or family member - which will display the number making the call.

How many digits in a UK mobile number?

All UK mobile numbers contain 11 digits with an 07 leading prefix.

How much is my mobile number worth?

Many factors influence the resalable price of a mobile number. Best bet is to find what similar numbers are selling elsewhere for an approximate but ultimately it is worth what others are willing to pay for it! Therefore, prices may rise or fall - however this is a product which has only increased in price over time.

How do I sell my mobile number?

Our advice is to never sell or buy pre-owned mobile numbers - this is due to a host of security and privacy concerns which may detriment both parties in the transaction. However if you are intent of doing so, be sure to complete transfer of ownership with the new owner through the network provider.

How to find the owner of a mobile number?

It is not possible to discover personal details about the owner or user of a specific mobile number in the UK as it may be illegal to share such information without a legitimate purpose and consent.

UK PAC Codes

How do I request a PAC code?

Send a text message to 65075 with the word PAC. You'll receive a text back containing the PAC code.

How long is a PAC code valid for?

Once generated a PAC code is valid for 30 days. Once expired, you will be able to generate a new code.

How many digits in a PAC code?

All PAC codes generated for UK mobile number contain nine digits. the first three are letters and the remaining six are numbers. Format XXX######.