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Telephone numbers that mean business

Ensure you're always connected with our virtual landline numbers, packed with advanced call features and designed with small business in mind. Experience the freedom and flexibility to grow your business, backed by our commitment to outstanding service and innovative solutions.

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Get a UK business landline number for your mobile. Choose from local, national, or freephone options. Flexible plans tailored for all business sizes. Explore now.

Virtual Numbers FAQs

Finding a virtual number

How can I find out what virtual numbers are available?
When you click on the button that says ‘Choose a Virtual Number’, you’ll be taken to the registration page, the very first step on this page is choosing a number, just follow the steps afterwards to continue with the sign-up.

What types of numbers do you offer?
Currently we offer geographical (02 & 01) and national (033 & 0800) numbers. You'll be able to choose from a drop-down menu, showing you 20 different numbers and it's up to you to pick the one that you like most. If you are looking for a memorable number with special digit combinations, you'll have to contact us via email and we'll sort it out for you.

How can I choose a memorable number?
You will have to contact us via email and we’ll be able to help you find a memorable virtual number. This, however, might incur additional charges, depending on the number you choose. Golden numbers come with a one off cost which start at £50.

Ordering your virtual number

What does pro-rata/part month mean?
All tariffs run from the first of the month. When you sign up, we only take a part payment so that you only pay for the days you have used.

Do the tariffs include outbound calls?
No, higher tariffs apply for this service and you will need a mobile app from a third party.

What do you mean by diversion minutes?
When a customer calls your virtual number, you will be using diversion minutes, this is us sending calls to your mobile/landline.

What does the charge after inclusive minutes mean?
Once you have used up your inclusive minutes, you will be charged the pence per minute rate for your tariff.

Does the direct debit get set up when I make the order?
When you place your order, you can setup a direct debit or call us on 033 003 00003 and we can set it up for you.

Can I buy a virtual number for personal use?
Unfortunately not. Our services are for business use only.

Using your virtual number

Can I change where my calls divert to?
Yes, just visit our Control Panel to change your destination number FREE of charge.

Can my mobile number still make and receive mobile calls as normal?
Yes, nothing changes to your mobile number and you continue using it as normal.

Can I call customer back and show my virtual number?
Yes, this service is available at higher tariffs and via a mobile app provided by a third party.

Can calls be diverted to multiple numbers?
Yes, your call can be diverted to multiple numbers.

Do I need WIFI or mobile data to take calls?
No, for inbound calls you only need mobile signal.

Is there a cost to change the number calls are diverted to?
No, we provide a control panel to control your numbers.

Can multiple virtual numbers be diverted to the same mobile number?
Yes, you can divert as many virutal numbers to your mobile as you like.

How do I know if a call coming in is for my business or from someone I know?
Our call whisper addon means you will hear a greeting before you answer the call.

How to attach a recording/voicemail/hunt group to the phone number?
This can be changed via our control panel.

If I am on holiday, can I still receive calls abroad?
Yes, provided your mobile can still receive calls abroad, you will continue to get calls.

Managing your account

Can the number be ported to a fixed line or voip provider?
Yes, numbers can be ported to other providers.

Can I port my existing number?
Yes, you can port your current number to us. Switching providers this way means you can keep your existing number. You will be able to take your number with you if you decide to leave us.

Can tariffs be upgraded/downgraded at a later date?
Yes, call us on 033 003 00003 or email us and we'll change your plan from the 1st of the followng month.

How can I change my contact information?
Call us on 033 003 00003 or email us

How do I cancel?
Call us on 033 003 00003 or email us

How do I change my address?
Call us on 033 003 00003 or email us

How do I change my email address?
Call us on 033 003 00003 or email us

How to transfer the account to a new owner if selling the business?
Call us on 033 003 00003 or email us

Dial into success with a British telephone number that speaks to you

Our virtual phone numbers give you a Local (01/02), 0800, 0333 or 0300 number that can be sent to your existing landline or mobile phone. British Numbers provide over 10 free features to help you manage when you're open, when you're on holiday and send calls to different telephone numbers at different times of the day.

0333 national numbers british uk telephone numbers

Give your business a nationwide presence with our 0333 Telephone Numbers.

01 local numbers british uk telephone 02 numbers

Show customers that you are an established local business with our Virtual Landlines services.

0800 freephone numbers british uk telephone numbers

Help increase enquiries by offering your customers a number that's free to call.

Memorable numbers

Stand out from the crowd

Explore our massive selection of gold telephone numbers in virtually every UK area code.

Stay connected with a virtual landline for your mobile

Our virtual phone numbers give you a Local (01/02), 0800, 0333 or 0300 number that can be sent to your existing landline or mobile phone. British Numbers provide over 10 free features to help you manage when you're open, when you're on holiday and send calls to different telephone numbers at different times of the day.

Welcome announcement

Play a welcome announcement before the call is connected.

Blacklist numbers

Block numbers from calling you and disable withheld numbers.


Add a custom voicemail that can be listened to in the app.

Missed Call Alerts

Get push notifications to your phone when you miss a call.

Hunt Groups

Route calls to different numbers any time of the day.

Holiday Settings

Send calls to different numbers or voicemail when on holiday.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is compatible with our telephone numbers.

Timed diverts

Timed diverts allow calls to be diverted based on time/day.

Call rejection

Block specific, anonymous or internationals numbers.

Virtual switchboard

Your virtual phone system with callers options to divert calls.

Call whisper

Identify business calls to your mobile before you answer.

Voice AI

Generate greetings instantly with our new Voice AI service.

Take your customer calls to the next level with solutions made for small business success

Looking for a local phone number for your business? Our virtual landline service gives your business the professional number it deserves. Route calls to any phone and take your business wherever you go. Take calls like a pro with call features included with every landline number or unlock superpowers with paid add-ons. Our virtual landlines offer reliability, flexibility, and a professional image, all at an affordable price without any contracts or installations.